Ben Affleck Returns As Actor, Director, And Writer

Let’s be completely honest, here. Ben Affleck hasn’t always made the best choices when it comes to his film projects. He’s a multiple nominee of the Golden Raspberry awards, a sort of anti-Oscar, given to actors and films deemed ‘the worst.’ In 2003, he won the award for Worst Actor for three of his movies: Daredevil, Paycheck, and the infamous Gigli. However, Affleck is also the same actor that has starred in Chasing Amy and Hollywoodland. The man can act, and he’s proven it. It just seems that sometimes what he’s acting in isn’t up to snuff.

On the other hand, Affleck is often referred to as an Academy Award Winner, which is true except he hasn’t won an Oscar for acting. Affleck and Matt Damon share an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting. Given that Ben has also written the script for The Town (in addition to Gone Baby Gone), it’s a mystery why the marketing isn’t banking on this fact either, instead telling us that this movie is from “the studio that brought you The Departed,” which seems to be included only because it’s another film about crime in Boston.

The Town is the first time that Affleck is directing himself in a movie, and he’s picked an ambitious project to do so. Not only is the film filled with other acclaimed actors such as Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner, it’s also full of action, a notoriously tricky aspect of film making. Reviews indicate that he’s done an admirable job, making this not only one of his best reviewed films ever, but also putting The Town on equal ground with his directorial debut.

Will the movie-going public forgive Ben Affleck for his past mistakes? It may be a tough sell as this is his first leading role since 2004’s Jersey Girl. Affleck has had many supporting roles in recent years, most notably in Hollywoodland which netted him a Golden Globe nod for Best Supporting Actor. However, with what looks to be strong performances and direction as well as a solid base of critical acclaim, The Town may well cement Affleck’s position as a leading actor/director on par with Clint Eastwood.

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Good Content versus Bad Content

The change is evident in terms of mediums, reach, platforms, linguistics, genres, niches and other larger talks. Indian cinema in specification has undergone an applaud able change, be it the quality of prints, duration of making films, coping with 3D technology, which is shaping up very well, reaching out to larger audiences in smaller towns or merely making a difference with the content. The transition phase is still going on and it is definitely for the good.

The music industry too has adapted effortlessly to the newer off-springs of technology. Music is emerging with that of different regions, cultures and innovations.

But when we talk of entertainment on daily basis, it is difficult to say the same. There have been advancements, new entries in the market- channels, producers and the audience. The television sets have increased, so has the reach of satellite TV, along with the sudden rise in the number of channels and TV shows. In fact, the market is so cluttered with a like channels and shows, each looking forward to dig its own niche.

SET India, Star Plus and Zee TV have been the leading market forces for over the last two decades with many branches with their own niche. However, the content of Hindi TV shows on fee of these channels hasn’t changed too much over the years. The popularity of these Hindi TV shows and their availability on the internet led to an increased audience across the globe. However, Indian TV serials online are also a representative of the psyche of Indians and a representative of the culture. Shows on child marriage, weak women, furniture husbands, Saas-Bahu quarrels definitely are not a very pretty message to send out to the world.

With the entry of Indian TV serials online, the content creators of Hindi TV shows should get more responsible and create world class entertainment. For it not only entertains but also reflects the thinking of the people in the country they belong to.

It’s high time for Indian TV shows to take over the daily drama and bring about some more meaningful content. While Hindi TV shows are primarily aimed at entertainment, shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati on SET IndiaScience Articles, India’s Got Talent on COLORS TV show a more optimistic picture of our motherland. Even comedy shows and other fiction shows with pure entertainment in a positive light would work wonders while serving this responsibility as content creators of Indian Television.